Fear, Fear, Fear

Its dark, Its scary, you’re alone.

You don’t know whats about to come around the corner but society has trained you brain. Society has taught the world to fear everything in the unknown to keep our eyes closed and to stay in fear for what we might find around the corner.

Let me tell you what is around the corner. You. The only thing you will discover about the unknown is more about yourself. Face your fears, understand that you shouldn’t be fearing anything and that when you begin to let go of your fears, when you face what has been scaring you, when you take the leap of faith and come out on the other side only to look back and see how if you had stuck with your fears and you just stayed in your comfort zone you would not be in the same place as you are now, you would be stuck playing the probability game. Using your physical mind to try and determine something that it possibly cant determine. No one can tell the future because it is not set in stone. While things have momentum and they will continue to for some time, anything is actually possible, its just a question of probability?

How do you shape the odds then? how do you gravitate your consciousness to a preferred outcome or a preferred reality? Beliefs. Your highest Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, feelings and definitions will always come to fruition because that how it works, what you put in is what you get back. You are constantly shifting through parallel realities billions of times per second. A side effect of this is space and time, You are already moving through these realities so it is not a question of how do i do this, its the idea of remembering how to consciously do something that was unconscious previously. Similar to learning how to control your heart beat, One must learn to control the mind and self in order to master deliberate creation.

A game?

Pick a thought. Anyone, anything.

Now choose a new one. Think of the best thing you could imagine, the most amazing experience you physical mind can conjure up.

Now something better.

Focus on the good feeling you feel when you just imagine this. Know that that reality exists. Most probably even better then what you could ever imagine. like the picture in your mind is Just a picture compared to the direct experience you would feel if you were actually there.

Understand here that what I am saying is that one dreams their reality. this is no different from our dream worlds and the thing to realize is that what makes you you is simply the knowing or understanding of an experience. Who is it that knows your are dreaming? you do. Your consciousness is still lucid in the dream world and you are still able to experience experience. The knowing that something is happening is what is really you.

So wake up. Become lucid in the dream and become lucid in reality. You are the leading role, the director, the writer and the audience in this cosmic play of love and light.

Take charge and stop sleeping through experience.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Pinch me, for I have been dreaming.


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